What is a catchy phrase for a home cleaning service?

I'm having some t-shirts made up that I can wear when I go out on cleans and I don't have a business name- it's just me who cleans and runs thing....

I go off referrals but think that by wearing a shirt I look more professional and I am promoting myself.

Any ideas???
Oooo... I like Spiffy in a Jiffy and Is Your House in Distress? We clean the mess!

Any more phrases anyone cares to share??? :o)

5 years ago - 6 answers

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Is your house in distress...? We can clean the mess.

5 years ago

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Spiffy in a Jiffy

by zac - 5 years ago

People are looking for 'green' cleaning these days, and anything about saving the customer money would be great!

by Jennifer - 5 years ago


by Bradley P - 5 years ago

We'll sweep you off your feet
Rest while we do your cleaning

by mydearsie - 5 years ago

Company name is clean & save
Slogan is .. If your house is messy, we clean it greatly.

by pensinee f - 5 years ago