Suggestion Name for Advertising Agency?

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I want to open my own advertisng & cover conference agency could pls any one suggest the name for my agency?
That agency offer web design,graphic,printing,markiting,covere conference, gift,event services

and I want proffisional one to design the site & logo

list of services includes:




Direct Mail

Brochure Design

Radio Advertising

TV Advertising

Press Advertising

Poster Design

Advertising Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns


Logo Design

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Promotion

Online Marketing

SEO Services

PPC Schemes (Pay Per Click)

CD Cover Design

Website Design

Website Development

Software Development

Database Development

Brochure Design

Marketing Materials

Direct Marketing

Outdoor Marketing

Viral Marketing

Guerilla Marketing

Media Buying


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How about

by pensinee f - 5 years ago

How about Ad-Pro-Quo

by sy - 5 years ago

How about our first name, last name, or initials "Marketing & Design"

by - 5 years ago