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    Slogan Ideas for family business?

    Company name is Elwood Family Restoration. It's (obviously) a family business with a goal to provide fair priced remodeling, etc in a smaller city/neighboring small town. I don't mind references to the blues brothers or anything family... just hit me with what you have please. Thanks!
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    Company name has a slight issue. Family Restoration to me means fixing dysfunctional families! Suggest that the business name be clearer. Eg. Elwood Family Home Restoration. Create a short slogan. Long slogans look odd under the company name and logo. Always go back to the consumer benefit and your strength. The benefit for consumer is quite clear- Happiness - because a newly remodelled home gives a family more family time and enjoyment. If one has a nicer place, they like to come home and not go out so much. Less arguments and fights too! As a family business - your strength is : you know how important family life is. You work and live together! You're the best advocate. In this day of family fragmentation, the time you spent becomes more and more precious and rare. So, marry the two factors. Go along the lines of : Elwood Family Home Restoration Creating spaces for a better family life I'm sure you will have some nice ideas of your own. Think back what people say about the services your family provide as well. Actually I'm an opponent of slogans because I don't believe people market from slogans effectively. It would be better to develop your brand vision, mission statement, core values of what you stand for, build your product around the core value. Eg. if one of your core value is family togetherness. Then, think about how you develop products that builds that togetherness - create your design and provide concepts for BBQ pits, Living room concepts, Island Kitchen set-ups etc. Then you can really walk the talk.
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    • When it's family business with the family's name and your dealing in products that might involve a family decision, I suggest you think of something that hits to heart. I can't really tell you but if someone can name a slogan right off the bat without knowing your location, years in business, track record, etc., and you actually use the slogan, I don't know what to say. My suggestion: Throw some ideas around with your family and you'll figure it out.

      by DX - 8 hours ago

    • Don't get the blues if remodeling isn't your thing. Just call Elwood Family Restoration for the home of your dreams! Got the remodeling blues? Just call on the Elwood Family for Restoration Sensation! You imagine. We will do. Elwood Family Restoration for a remodeling sensation! Put the family to work for you! Elwood Family Restoration. Remodeling made affordable by the family who listens! Affordable remodeling by the family with years of experience. Put the family to work! Quick, affordable, experienced remodelers. Our family means business! Quick, affordable, yet experienced remodelers at your service.

      by Cat M - 8 hours ago

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