Need creative name or idea for naming a conference room please.?

It can be fun or brain stormy.
Just keep it clean.

6 years ago - 5 answers

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The War Room
Confab Central
Thunderdome-2 men enter, one man leaves


6 years ago

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Professional: rivers, mountains, famous streets, famous cities, former presidents

Fun: cartoon characters, American Idol winners, Survivor winners, Apple products, sports stars (Kobe, Magic, etc)

by m1020_2000 - 6 years ago

Can I ask what type of business the conference room is for? That would spark some ideas... all I am coming up with is "Think Tank" - boring!

by Chirukis - 6 years ago

Can you give us more information about it. Where is it located; school? Business? Hotel? and what is the atmosphere there?

by tn_barnett - 6 years ago

The colloquium

The parleyer

by Dana R - 6 years ago