what are the disadvantages of societal marketing concept?

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I think the disadvantage of societal marketing is that it is to wide spread as apposed to targeted marketing. Societal marketing where the net is thrown out wide to capture leads, clients or what ever the case might be is to generic. This type of marketing reaches the masses which is good for staple products. However, if you are marketing more customized goods it would be a big draw back.


6 years ago

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Now that's the first time I have seen that one. The only disadvantage I can truly think of is that social or societal marketing is a slow process. It takes awhile to achieve "Branding," or becoming recognized as someone people would like to follow or someone who's opinion matters. Blogs, forums, answers forums like this one are all excellent ways to do this, and the results over time are phenomenal. It brings tons of free leads to your business or website. It just takes time to come to fruition, so that, in my humble opinion is the ONLY disadvantage.

by Mitch H. - 6 years ago