Advertising Catch Phrases...?

I'm advertising pump controls for water waste pumps, 3 phase monitors, alternating relays, etc. It's very difficult to find catch phrases and ideas for my ads...can anyone throw some suggestions at me? Preferrably 7 words or less.

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Is it for a PPC campaign?!
If so, and although I'm not familiar with this market the general rule at the phase of ppc words crafting is to think
Problem<>Tool<>Solution : People will search on-line because they have a problem - in this case they will either describe the problem or will describe the solution; Or they already know which tool they need in which case they will search for pumps, monitors, etc... Then comes the second phase which is call-to-action phrases like 'buy now'; 'check our large inventory'; 'receive 15 percent discount'; etc.

search term/ trigger keywords: clogged waste pump
you ad pops
title: Problem with pumps?
text: Large selection of pumps and monitors. Discount for quantities. Buy now.
URL: your url

I hope this answered your question. if you have more questions or your catch phrase was intended for magazine or TV ad contact me and i will try to provide more focused solution for you.

6 years ago