Direct marketing & traditional advertising advantages and disadvantages?

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I wholeheartedly dissagree with the above answers.

Direct Marketing superior to every other form of marketing.

There is no greater advantage gained by communucating directly to a qualified prospect.

7 years ago

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There are no advantages or disadvantages of direct marketing and traditional advertising as its the personal experiences which make it either way.
Direct marketing is a Franchise which is a combination of single level [like macdonalds, subway etc] and multi level marketing with global turnover of USD 1000 billion approx and its expanding every year in double digit and some of the sites are as follows
Direct marketing constitute 65% of global business and the rest is with traditional market.

by pawanbhalla27in - 7 years ago

you have to choose it individually and mostly depends on the product u sell. in some cases direct marketing is useless, coz needs more money . cheep products, or consumers'goods usually arent sold by direct marketing

by leluuu - 7 years ago