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    How come people forget where they come from ?!?!!!?

    Im staying at this place called Nanoom Christian Fellowship. this church provides shelters and solutions to those who have trouble with drugs. They try to heal you for FREE food, shelter, programs ....etc through grace of god but this breaks my heart how come over 11 years over 500 people graduated from this place yet nobody wants to comeback whether they are successful or not..... everyone wants to forget about their past at least the bad side which is understandable but they also forget the people that helped them when the whole world looked down on you as a drug addict and rejected you. i've been staying here for about 4 months and I am so proud to be here and be apart of this church. but not everyone feels that way right now this church owns more then $300,000 to the bank for feeding, sheltering people that jesus talked and helped same people that was rejected by the world. i have no money to help this place. how and who can help this great church that no one seems to care ???
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    I benefited from a similar ministry. They received nearly all of their food from local grocery stores in return for providing lawn care to them. WE did the landscaping work which was great therapy & helped to earn our keep. The food was stuff that had just gone out of date, & would likely have gone to waste if not donated to help those of us who needed a dose of faith, instead of just a kick in the pants. God Bless & Good Luck!!
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    Other Answers

    • because people move on

      by Ketra - 7 hours ago

    • They might want to forget...but Jesus remembers.... Do unto others as ye would have them do unto you.... we need to repay kindness.....many times over..... charity covers a multitude of sins...

      by cork - 7 hours ago

    • keep on doing what your doing.its the right thing.say a lot of prayers.the other thing you can do is right exactly what you wrote here and send it to fox 2 ktvi news and maybe they will put it on the air asking for donations.but be sure to give them the name of the church their address and phone number where people can send their donations.as a matter of fact send it to all the local tv stations.good luck and god bless. pete

      by THE SHADOW - 7 hours ago

    • because people are tools

      by trucker - 7 hours ago

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