Can I have two health or dental insurances at the same time?

I've had dental insurance on COBRA from my previous job and have been paying the monthly premiums. However, the insurance just went into effect at my new company, as well.

I wouldn't mind keeping both because each provides a certain maximum per year for services. Is there any reason I can't just keep making the COBRA payment up to the time limit and keep both insurances?

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You can, but you cannot make money off of them above the actual cost of care. They will work together to cover your expenses, but will not allow you to pocket any extra. If one has a $500 deductible and the other has a $1000 deductible, you will be able to take advantage of the $500 one but not both.

3 years ago

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You can, but it's unlikely it'll make sense unless you know you're going to max out the benefits on what would be your primary policy. You can't double dip.

by Insurance - 3 years ago

The benefits can overlap but you won't be able to "double dip."

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by David Smith - 3 years ago

why would you want to keep paying for dupe insurance? - it's wasted money - bills are not going to be paid twice and you may have issues trying to use two different insurance plans with one dentist

by Zarg222 - 3 years ago

Sure you can! It's probably not a good idea, though.

They don't "stack" on top of each other, they "coordinate". Most people who do what you're doing, find out that it rarely pays more to buy two insurances, and they end up getting all angry when they finally figure out how the two coverages apply.

by mbrcatz - 3 years ago