What does 0% Deductible mean?

I am looking at my basic health insurance plan.

For several of the divisions it says "0%, deductible applies" under participating providers. Under others it says Not covered, such as non-emergency care in the ER.

Does "0%, deductible applies" mean that it won't pay any of it until after the deductible is met?

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0%, deductible applies" means that you have to pay the deductible, but after the deductible is met that service is covered at 100%.

4 years ago

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Yes, it means you must pay the deductible before the insurance pays but then you don't pay anything for the procedure after you've paid the deductible. With some plans you pay 20% of the charges after you pay the deductible.


by Zarnev - 4 years ago

0 deductible, means that there is no deductible under your coverage for that - the insurance starts applying, from the first claim dollar.

by mbrcatz - 4 years ago

Zero, nada, absolutely nothing will be deducted

by KlemKiddleHopper - 4 years ago

Zarnev is correct.

The other answers are telling you what "0% Deductible" means, but that has absolutely nothing to do with your plan.

The phrases "0% Deductible" and "0%, deductible applies" mean completely different things. "0%, deductible applies" means what Zarnev said, not what the other answers say.

by StephenWeinstein - 4 years ago

It may mean that the deductible is not applied for those services, but it’s hard to say for sure without more information. I’d probably have to read more of the document you’re looking at to be sure.

You may want to contact the health insurance company or your licensed agent for more information. If you have an employer-sponsored health plan, talk to your Human Resources department.

by ehealth - 4 years ago