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    HOW to beat this Unemployment appeal...?

    I was fired from a job (actually unfairly, never been written up or anything) well it was after corporate took over, so I filed for my unemployment and really Im dealing with TWO companies, one I found out about after I was fired, COMPANY A who was supposivly a "temp" company whom I had no clue about (actually thought it was just a payroll company) is saying I quit because After COMPANY B cut ties with them, they said i was supposed to report back within 48 hours of 6/28/2009 for reassignment (still was working for company B never recieved this notice from A.) I'm Looking at the paper that was supposed to be mailed to me, and Right above my Name it is dated 7/22/2009....so to me this looks as if they mailed it out 3 weeks after the fact, it would have been to late anyways. I was Verbally fired by COMPANY B, Infact COMPANY B told me they where changing BANKS, I had no clue who COMPANY A was untill I filed for unemployment and the investigator along with my self was completely confused...BTW I was fired 7/28/2009 EXACTLY one month after the buisiness agreement between the two companies ended. So now theyre trying to get out of having to pay me...saying...I resigned....How does this sound?? Please help me, Thank you.
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    You can certainly appeal, but the main issue here is "for whom did you work ?" You mention being a 'temp person'. That being the case, you may simply be ineligible for unemployment compensation. You truly need to document thoroughly your employment history (and who was paying you). Then take all to the UC division of your state when your hearing comes up. Good luck !
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    • Sounds complicated. Bring all the info to the appeal, including a timeline, and just lay out the truth.

      by mbrcatz - 6 hours ago

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