Ive lost my National insurance card anyone got a clue how to get a new one?

Does anybody know how i can replace my national insurance card, i know the number but ive lost the card and i am trying to get a new one.

please help!

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get in touch with your local DHSS and they will be able to help you

5 years ago

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You cannot get a duplicate as the card has no legal status. As long as you know your NI number, that's all that matters. Older people like me never had one!


by fengirl2 - 5 years ago

Go to the local Job centre and ask them. If they cannot help then ask them for the address of the nearest Social security office dealing with NI cards.

Just go, fill out a form and apply for a new card.

You will need to take some Photo ID with you. Passport, But they might accept old payslips and a utility bill in your name.

It has been years since I had to replace my lost card, things must have changed but worth a try right?
I am assuming that you are in the UK.

by Tolerant b - 5 years ago

You need to trace your N I number, inland revenue-dhss- hospital records-, once you have it you can quote this number to DHSS and apply for a duplicate card( pension - dentist just came to mind)
as you state you already know the number, then use it when approaching the above if only to confirm the number is correct and authentic.

by DENNIS P - 5 years ago