While looking for health insurance plans, what does "coinsurance" mean when it's at 0%?

I'm looking for an HMO Health Insurance plan for my boyfriend through I've found a plan that is affordable for us, but it says "0% coinsurance" - I'm not sure if this means that we're responsible for 0% or the insurance company is responsible for 0%! It also has a $0 deductible as well.

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Coinsurance at 0% means that the company pays 100% after the deductible....instead of you paying 20% and them paying 80%...ect...

5 years ago

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Coinsurance means you are also included/covered on an additional insurance plan like a spouse's. Example: My husband has medical insurance through his work and I am also covered by this plan because I am his dependent and we pay extra for me to be included.

by Mamapie2u - 5 years ago

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Way wrong. It means after your deductible, you are covered 100%, with no additional out-of-pocket expenses.


by Insurance Biz CT - 5 years ago