how do i find out if someone cashed in my life insurance or if the policy is still active?

when i was younger my grandfather had a life insuranc policy for me in his will he stated his wife had to keep up the payments. she asked us to sign a paper so she could cash it in and i said no. i heard she did though. im trying to find out because my daughters father just passed away at a very young age and i want to make things as easy as possible for my children if something were to happen to me. please give me some advice and web sites if you can.
my step grandmother is kinda scandless. she got ride of all my grandfathers things so i have no idea where to start. i was 20(i think) when he passes i don't even know how to get in contact with that side of the family

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Unfortunately, you will need, at least, the name of the insurance company. From there, you could call the company and find out the status of the policy. Maybe you can let your step grandmother know that you are looking for a good life insurance plan for your daughter and ask her who that policy was through. That will get you the name.

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Call the insurance company? Have you gone through your grandfather's papers?

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