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    Can a person take out a life insurance policy on you?

    without that person consent or knowledge???
    a few seconds ago 5 Answers

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    Can THEY take one out on you without THEM knowing? I think the grammar police are going to come after you!! This question gets asked at least once a week. If you search the old messages, you will find that the answer is NO. And if you want to know why, THAT is explained in the old messages, too.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • Congratulations, you're the 1101 person to ask that IDENTICAL question on Y!A Check out this and other insurance FAQs: http://www.insuranceyak.com/faq/ You may also want to try the 'search for questions' box on the Y!A page.

      by ernesto_tig - a day ago

    • The person taking out the policy must have the consent of the person who the policy is to cover. The application must be sighed by both parties and the insured typically has to consent to a medical examination, (blood, urine, saliva samples, med questions). The exception to this is the parent or guardian of a minor child.

      by RB - a day ago

    • Only if the person taking out the policy has something to lose if you pass away. In other words, you cannot take out a policy on Bid Ladin, as you would not gain anything personally with his demise.

      by Mr. Prefect - a day ago

    • It does get asked about once a week, and the answer is still "Yes", but only in limited circumstances. In order to qualify for the program below from Lloyd's of London, you need to be able to prove an insurable interest by contract (such as a business contract or a divorce settlement).

      by aaron p - a day ago

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