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    Is pre-paid legal a scam? Pyramid scheme?

    I have a friend that is really into PPL, she thinks it's her saving grace. She is trying to get me to beleive her religious based scam, and signed on. What's up with this?
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    Yes it's a pyramid scheme. Your only way of making money is to recruit others underneath you, so you get a cut off all their sales and the sales of people below them, etc... Stay the heck away from it. And your friend.
    a few seconds ago

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    • OH, neither. It's like whole life insurance for kids - doesn't really meet a preset goal, it gets "sold" to you. Prepaid legal doesn't cover criminal defense, or family law things - the things you MOST need a lawyer for. And if all you're doing is a will, it's cheaper to just pay an attorney for the will.

      by mbrcatz - 20 hours ago

    • It seems like a Pyramid scheme. Seems like more peopleare selling it than using it. I know a girl who was always trying to get me on board to sell it however she never tried to sell any to me. Always with that "Don't you want to make more money" jazz.

      by UPGRAYEDD - 20 hours ago

    • wow all these people and their "scams!!!!" what childish misunderstands, i have to agree with the author above, he/she is correct, and besides the only way it is a scam is if you get direct profit from the recruitment of others. if you get commisions,then its just a broker agent structure much like real-estate, agent sells a home, broker gets a commissions and wasnt even there. just a different type of buisness system. I would venture to guess that most of the people here that baaaaaah like sheep are the ones that have never really tried it or have goteen there opinions based on heresay or misunderstanding. research deeper into the company is my suggestion.

      by guitarmusician84 - 20 hours ago

    • No, it's not a scam. It's for real. I know people who make money and a living at it. You just have to recruit people and sell the service. I have never done it, it does not sound that fun to me. But you can make money at it.

      by greyhuff - 20 hours ago

    • I have pre - paid legal services through my employer as part of my benefits package. I would have to assume it's legit. I don't have to pay a dime out of my own pocket.

      by RcknRllr - 20 hours ago

    • If someone is trying to get you to sign up under them so they can get a commission from you and what you sell, then run in the other direction...they are pyramid scams. However, there are a lot of prepaid legal services that are legit if you need one personally. Its consider a retainer fee.

      by floridasun5 - 20 hours ago

    • whats the name of it? If its Quickstar with Britt World Wide... its a scam ;-)

      by smith52284 - 20 hours ago

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