How long does it take to get a replacement Social Security Card?

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generally 10 days if you go to the SS admin and apply.....

7 years ago

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4-6 weeks in the mail. about 4 hours standing in line at the social security office.

by Coolltw2003 - 7 years ago

Took me 2-3 weeks

by nealejess401 - 7 years ago

It only took me a week.It depends on were you live.

by AMBRASIA C - 7 years ago

only a few minutes if you go to the SS office with proof of who you are they can issue you one right there........they did for my wife when we got married and she needed to change her name

by s_h_a_r_k_k_y - 7 years ago

It can take up to 2 weeks. But, for some purposes, the SS office can issue a paper with your info to stand instead, until the actual card arrives.

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by Wood Smoke - 7 years ago

After you stand in line for four takes about 2-3 weeks for them to mail it to you.

by Chel - 7 years ago

when you apply for a new one, you should get a piece of paper to use until you get the card. You then get the actual card in 7-10 days

by kellyrh804 - 7 years ago

GO to your Local SS Office and they can ISSUE ONE = IMMEDIATELY!

But you need to take Two Forms of Identification to get IT!

Thanks, RR

by veritas459a - 7 years ago

when you go to the social security office to apply they give you a temporary card then in 6 weeks you get the real one in the mail

by evelyn s - 7 years ago

one day.
go to ssa office.

by cork - 7 years ago

not too long ,just visit a ss office and do what they say and in a little bit youll have a new card,its that simple.


by comingonthru - 7 years ago