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    Can you trace a stolen gift card?

    I'm not looking for a lesson in morals I just want an answer. my friend stole a few things out of this girls purse and gave me a 50$ gift card she took thats to a certain clothing store. Is it possible for the girl to trace it?
    a few seconds ago 4 Answers

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    No it's not.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • If she took the card then it can not be validated nor used because it has to be run through the register at the store. So it will not be of use to you or anyone else until that happens. Let's just assume that the card were validated at the register, as in actually having been sold, and you stole it and took it in and used it well if someone wanted to they could request the video surveillance for that day and guess whose mug they would see? Trying to figure out who is lower on the scale her for stealing it or you for using stolen goods. You would not know a moral if it hit you in the eye!

      by Rebecca - 8 hours ago

    • Actually depending on the store, yes it is. I work in retail and I can tell the day a gift card was used along with which store it was used if they ask. So it depends.

      by zombieinmyview - 8 hours ago

    • well the gift card was paid for with a credit card then maybe...

      by Simon - 8 hours ago

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