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    Credit Score/Anytime Fitness?

    In 2008 I signed up with Anytime Fitness since I was under 18 my mother had to approve of the contract I'm not sure if her SSN or mine is on contract/// the contract was for a year and in feb 2010 ended they stopped withdraw from my checking account but I did not submit cancellation form in June 2010 they started taking 50.00 a month from my checking I did not realize until aug bc i never check my statements I went to bank and filled for stop payment since i did not authorize transactions a few weeks later I received a letter from company stating i owed 50/month june july and aug and late charge 28.50 service charge 58.50 totaling 237.00 stating they were turning me over to collections unless paid sep 13 i called location and spoke with manager said there was nothing i could do since i did not fill cancel form I asked why did they just stop charing then begin to charge he said idk guess you were lucky and thats all he had to say//since then they have turned over to Partners collection agency// if my SSN is on contract will this affect my credit and how much or will i be held liable since contract was while i was under 18??? please help i know its confusing but i need answers bc i want to apply for bank job but do not want this preventing me to do so
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    Does it really matter? If they don't put it on yours, it will surely be on your mother's report. You don't want your mother to suffer for your lack of responsibility do you? You need to handle this as soon as possible or you could prevent her from getting things like a car loan or a mortgage refinance or something like that. Go to annualcreditreport.com and look at all three of your credit reports. Make sure it's not on there. If it is on there, call the collection agency and offer to pay your debt if they will remove the line from your report. Make sure you get the agreement in writing before you give them any money. Also ask your mom to check her reports and make sure she is not affected.
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