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    Can you sign someone else's credit card receipt?

    My boyfriend (of 6 years) always wants me to use his credit card, mostly out of his laziness, like we goto the store, or something, and he just wants me to run in and get stuff so he doesn't have to go in, and he never carries cash so he wants me to just use his card. or if we go out to eat and the check comes sometimes he wants me to take his card and go up and pay and sign. which i'm not really comfortable with. isn't it illegal to do that? And tonight, he wasn't home, and we were talking on the phone about dinner and he said i should order a pizza, and instead of getting off the phone so i could order, he used his other phone to call them, and he paid with his credit card over the phone, even tho i told him i had cash for it. So the pizza came and of course he wasn't home yet so i had to sign the receipt, so i just put his name, He says it doesn't matter, he says they never look at them anyway, and says i could write joe blow and no one would say anything, and even if they did he would just say he ok'd it. But I cant help but think what if something happened between us, then he could say that i used it without his permission right? and i really don't think thats something he would do, but its the type of thing my dad would have done (he was an ***) and i know thats like my trust issues or whatever, but why put myself in that kind of situation right? I don't want to do stuff like that if its not legal and theres a possibility i could get in trouble for it.. and that may sound lame or goodie goodie, but i don't really care, to me the laws are there for a reason right? And i know a lot of you are going to say this could be solved by him adding my name to the card, but i really don't want to do that. cuz i don't want to end up responsible for his debts, i don't agree with some of his spending habits, its something we argue about frequently.
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    Your boyfriend is mostly correct. In most cases, credit card companies don't care what signature is on the bill -- they care only that they are going to be paid. Whether you ever get into trouble by signing his bills is completely up to your boyfriend. If he always pays his bills, then you won't see any trouble. But if he ever disputes a bill ("that's not my signature!"), then you could be hassled. Of course, your boyfriend is going to have a tough time disputing your signature because he's accepted it so many times in the past. This is not a credit card issue. It's a relationship issue. Do you really want to stay with someone who is "lazy", has debts, has poor spending habits, and with whom you argue with all the time?
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    • You are absolutely right and it is WRONG and you are also right to be concerned that he COULD well say you committed ID fraud and took his card and used it without permission. Heather is an idiot and if she EVER knowingly (she knew) let someone else sign for the CARDHOLDER she committed fraud. God now I see why someone running up anothers credit card is so damn easy!

      by Rebecca - 18 hours ago

    • yes it is wrong. someday he may try to wiggle out of paying his debts and you'll be accused of fraud. a much easier way to solve the problem would be for the 2 of you to go down to the bank and have him add you onto his card legally. they will issue you a card with his no. on it and your name on it. the bills will still go to him & he'll still be responsible to pay them (not you), but the situation will be entirely legal. basically its an authorization for you to become an authorized user of that card. hope this helps.

      by Tricia - 18 hours ago

    • yeah I know what you mean but Idk I let my friend do that one time. I let him sign for me because I wasn't paying attention but I mean as long as the cardholder doesn't complain about an unknown charge you should be fine, don't over think it hahaha

      by remle213 - 18 hours ago

    • It doesn't matter who signs. I sign stuff for other people other people do it for me. I worked at retail stores and the kids would always sign for parents. Whether its okay or not todo doesn't matter there are no consequences. But once in a while you will get a place that will want to check your id to compare the card holder to you. but other then that its nothing to worry about.

      by Heather - 18 hours ago

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