What Is Card Holders Name (What Does That Mean)?

I doing the CREDIT CARD INFORMATION and it says put the Cardholder Name. Yeah the Cardholder Name what is that ? Like I put the cards name, I put my full name, etc. But its does not work.

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If you have a credit card (say it is a Visa card), it should show your name on the front (usually bottom) of the credit card. Your name would be the cardholder. You are the "holder" or owner of the card.


3 years ago

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The name on the card. That's your name unless you stole the card, in which case you have bigger problems.

by Scott Evil - 3 years ago

the name on the card

by Beebast - 3 years ago

It will say on your card Card holder: (your name here) . It usually has First name, middle initial, and last name. For example, Sally M Smith.

You have to give the merchant the full card number (all the numbers on the card), the name as it appears on your card, and the expiration date. You must give them the billing address, if you don't give all the correct information on the card the transaction could decline.

by Pablo - 3 years ago