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    can you get into trouble for lying about your age on a credit card application.?

    by saying that your 18 when your really 17....I know there is a part that says you have to be accurate on the application but how can you legally sign it and agree to it if you are not able to enter into a legally binding contract
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    I was going to say, not unless you are under 18.You can't legally sign any contract.
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    • Yes you can most definitely get in trouble. People who are 17 aren't allowed to have credit cards because of the fact they can't enter legally binding contracts, and if they find out you can get fined and have your card taken away.

      by ? - 19 hours ago

    • Quit trying to "lawyer" your way into justifying fraud. When you KNOWINGLY lie, that is fraud whether you're a legal adult or not.

      by kj566 - 19 hours ago

    • It is called fraud. If you have no credit, it is unlikely you will get a very high limit anyway. Do you want to risk jail for the opportunity to borrow $300 at 30% interest?

      by timothy p - 19 hours ago

    • You can still be arrested for fraud if you are only 17.

      by Jennifer - 19 hours ago

    • You can get into trouble and you will NOT be fooling the credit card company. They will run a background check on you. Your social security number, age, date of birth, current and past addresses, and employment history, etc. must all match up. At the age of 17 you have NO credit, little if any employment history, and are too young to legally open a line of credit. Your application will be rejected.

      by Heather - 19 hours ago

    • You are wrong in you primary assumption. It is illegal for minors to enter into contracts with all businesses and entities except for the banking industry and the government. Look it up, it's true. If you sign an agreement with a bank and are underage, you are still legally compelled to abide by that contract.

      by Habitat For Humanity - 19 hours ago

    • It's going to mess things up - especially when you look for work. They will check your credit reports. They will see that the age does not match the age on the reports and your application will probably get thrown in the garbage. Other things it can affect: Car insurance companies check - age will not match - they may consider fraudulen person Landlords - the age on your application will not match credit reports. And if you ever need a car loan or home loans - you won't get it. Fixing this could take years. Get your parents to make you an authorized user on one of your credit cards. Or open a checking account with a parent so you can have a debit card. /.

      by Go with the flow - 19 hours ago

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