Maestro debit card issue number or valid from?

I have a maestro debit card and I know I should be able to pay with it on the internet. However the problem is that they require an issue number or valid from date. What do I do if my card doesn't have either of these things? All I have is the credit card number, my name and valid thru on the front and my signature plus some kind of TAG SYSTEMS number on the back side of the card.
I do have a Visa card, however the bank does not allow me to use it for internet payment.
Again, thank you for the reply, but this is ALL of the info on my maestro card:

Front: Credit card number, owner name, valid thru
Back: my signature

There is absolutely no other info on it other than my bank info (adress etc)

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Not all maestro cards have an issue number. Count the number of digits in the main number across the centre of the card. If it is 16 digits there is no issue number. If it is longer there is.
If it has an issue number it will be on the front of the card near the expiry date. It will say 'issue' followed by a one or two digit number. If there is no issue number you will need to provide the 'valid from' date instead.
All maestro payments require one or the other. Also, for payments where the retailer hasn't got the card in front of them (internet), you are required to provide the last three digits of the number printed on the signature strip on the back of the card otherwise the retailer has no way of checking you are who you say you are and it is your card.
Google checkout no longer accept Maestro
I do know someone who used to put a nought (0) in the issue number space to get their card to work, but they did have permission from their bank to do this.

I thought banks were phasing out Maestro cards. HSBC have replaced theirs with a visa card. I would ring your card supplier and ask

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I have no problems at all with Visa debit card , Has dates but no issue No .. but am not asked for that . and a 3 digit security number on back . Change your card perhaps ?

by knownout - 4 years ago

You can leave the issue box blank, I do. It must have a valid from date on the front. The 3 numbers on the back are security numbers, some companies ask for them.

by Kernow Lady - 4 years ago

I understand Mastercard has similar problems too and I find it so annoying when I really want to buy something and cant nothing worser than having the money and this technical hitch prevents you spending it, there really is nothing you can do when this happens your best bet like myself is to do a cash transaction instead or shop only where you can, as some systems wont override the missing info, and its dont to those who make the bloody card with the problems Maestro and Mastercard are the worst at this.


by Miss - 4 years ago

the issue number is at the front of the card, normally after the big number you will find a two digits number.
It'll be in here somewhere:

by Red Rose - 1 month ago