is there a limit on the turbo tax card for cash advance from a teller i called the # but no answer?

can i just go in to any bank that does cash advances and withdraw $10,000.00 im buying a car and have $11,000.00 on the card from tax return but the guy wants cash
i dont have a bank account

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its acutaly - 400 for in bank cash advance and 3500 ATM with draws daily my source is turbo tax card website when you click on about our product

The TurboTax Card, A Reloadable Prepaid Visa Card
No credit check. No bank account required.

Use it everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Shop online, pay bills and get cash at ATMs.1
No overdraft fees and no penalty charges.
Safer than cash. Your money is protected if your Personalized Card is lost or stolen.2
It's reloadable. Add money to your Personalized Card at the store or with payroll direct deposit.3


TurboTax Cards Are Affordable
No overdraft fees. No penalty charges.
Monthly Charge
$5.95 per month
- OR -
Pay No Monthly Charge in any month that you make at least 30 purchases or load $1,000. See the fee table below for details.
Free cash withdrawals at thousands of participating ATMs nationwide.
- OR -
$2.50 at ATMs outside of our network, plus any fee the ATM owner may charge.
Click here to find participating ATMs near you.
Reload for free with direct deposit
Reload at a retail location. A service fee of up to $4.95 will apply.
See the rest of the TurboTax Card fees below.


TurboTax Card Fees:
Fee Type Fee
Initial Purchase Free
Monthly Charge Waived in any monthly billing cycle when you load at least $1000 to your Card OR make 30 purchase transactions (excludes all pending transaction, ATM declined withdrawals, ATM balance inquiries, teller cash advances and online bill payments at
Otherwise, $5.95.

ATM Withdrawal & Teller Cash Advance Free at thousands of participating in-network ATMs1
All other ATM withdrawals: $2.504
Teller cash advance: $2.50

Balance Inquiry at Non Network ATMs $0.50
Lost/Stolen Card Replacement $6.00
Reload at Retail Location Varies by retailer, up to $4.95
Second Card $4.95

Card balance (with cash load) $3,500
Card balance (with direct deposit) $10,000
Daily cash load limit $2,500
Daily direct deposit load limit $10,000
Daily ATM withdrawal limit $1,300
Daily bank teller cash withdrawal limit $400
Daily spend limit
(includes all outgoing transaction activities, such as purchases, ATM transactions, etc.) $3,500


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One note:
You are getting too much taken out in taxes each pay period.
This year, increase your number of with holdings.
This way you get more money in your pocket each pay period.

What you are doing is giving uncle sam and interest free loan all year long.
Most people try to get as close to 0 as possible.
You'll notice that the wealthier people like to pay taxes at tax time.
That way YOU get the interest free loan.

Your bank should be able to give you cash for that card.
No need to go to a cash advance place.

Don't ever make this mistake again.
Why would anyone ever give the gvt an interest free loan.
Keep the money for yourself all year round this year.

by Judy - 4 years ago

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by Rohit - 4 years ago

You need to contact the bank and find out what their limit for a cash advance is. Also you need to know the fees associated for doing a cash advance on the card.
Also call ahead if you bank somewhere small.


by Lexi - 4 years ago