Why did paypal charge me a fee?

I just received $400 dollars from a buddy. Know that this is my first time using paypal and I am completely new to this. My friend said this was completely free but after accepting the money and doing whatever paypal said on the site, I clicked accept and when I looked at the cash it went down to $380!!? piss me off!!!

Any one know why and how I can reverse it?
Damnit!! My buddy who uses paypal says he never got charged a fee for receiving money. But whatever ... pissed me off!
Take my money!

6 years ago - 7 answers

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Paypal charges a fee if you have a premier or business account. It's all outlined at Paypal so you have no reason or grounds to be pissed of at them. Be pissed off at yourself for not reading how paypal works.

6 years ago

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paypal will show you the fees incurred with whatever activity you do, usually in one of the tabs.

by heyguy - 6 years ago

paypal takes out a percentage from every transaction the larger the amount the larger the percentage......yeah it sucks huh?

by justkrisi - 6 years ago

I really don't know but you should be able to find out on their website. I use PayPal and have never incurred a fee but then I've never been the seller or the one that receives the money.

by towanda - 6 years ago

If you sent money to other people ,don't pay a fee.
Buy reviced the money ,need pay some fee! about 3-5%


by Toni - 6 years ago

Paypal is free to set up an account with but they need to make money somewhere so they levee a service charge whenever funds are either deposited or withdrawn from your account. It's either that or they would make you pay a monthly fee to have the account active even if you never use it which would be more of a piss off. C'est la vie. Best, G.

by gopal_thevfusiongroup - 6 years ago

You must have a premier account. Premier accounts (used for selling) *always* have a fee.

If you had a personal account and had to upgrade to accept the payment, he paid you from a credit card--and you must have a premier account to accept credit card payments.

by v b - 6 years ago