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    How do I pay a Default Judgement?

    Hi I recently found I have a default judgement on a debt I owe. I did not receive any notice what so ever and it was filed in the state of florida.. I want to pay off my debt which is only $2550.00. I have the money now since I went through a bad marriage. But at the same time I do not want to pay any legal fees and i can not afford to go to court to Florida. Do I contact the agency that filed against me to pay a debt or how do I do this? Also I saw final judgement :$0.00 on the case. Which I am not sure what that means. And how long does it take for a judgement to disappear off of your credit report?
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    Judgements will remain on your credit report for 10 years. However, if you wages and tax returns are not being garnished do NOT wake the beast. If you start digging around in this and giving out your personal information in order to attempt to pay this debt, you are going to suddenly find that you aren't able to pay it on your terms, only theirs. Plus, paying on a judgement voluntarily does nothing to improve your credit. Normally when a judgement is filed your wages and state tax returns are garnished. If you owe $2550 yet the judgement amount listed on your credit report is for $0 then somebody somewhere in the courthouse forgot to fill in the blanks somewhere along the line. If you dig into this, they WILL come after you for the entire sum. Once again, paying it does nothing at all for you or for your credit report. Sit back, wait the 10 years for this to fall off your credit report, and don't rock the boat. If you really want to pay it, contact the courthouse where the judgement was filed, make them aware of their mistake, and send a money order (not a check!) for the full amount. Just make sure you get a recipet and a statement in writing that you owe nothing more on the balance of that account. Best of luck to you.
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