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    Does Directv do credit checks?

    Do they actually pull your credit report and look at it or not? I heard that they approve everyone. They only take your social security number to check if you ever been a Directv customer before or not. Is that true? I have a collection on my credit history from an apartment complex I used to live in last year, and worried Directv might reject me if they do credit checks.
    a month ago 4 Answers

    Best Answer

    Yes Directv does do credit checks..However..if you have really bad credit..the will just make you pay a down deposit..which when I was working there..the deposit was credit back to your account in like monthly credit of $10 a month..every month..not sure if they still do that! I have never heard of Directv ever rejecting anyone from service you might just have to pay a deposit..call and check! It wont hurt! btw..I have never heard anyone having to $700-$800.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • DirecTV does do credit checks, though the CSR running it will not see the information. It's essentially the same process as if you were to sign up for a cell phone. Basically, you can give information that will help them find your record (you can, by law, refuse to give consent, but you can also deny the SSI# and give your name and address instead), they put it into the computer, click submit, and then it will tell them immediately if you are approved for certain offers. Usually most people get approved for the best offers (4 room standard installation free with one $100 rebate on an advance product upgrade; 12 month programming discouts; etc.) and if you don't you can still get service, though you may be required to pay $200 or $300 up front (you would then get it back as $5 off per month for 40 or 60 months respectively). After you start your service and have established a payment history with the company (6 months of service), your account history is then what is used for offers. If you pay on time in full every month (or rarely have your account go past due), don't ever have payment reversals, and keep a minimum level of programming, you are eligible for most (if not all) programming offers to the general market. I hope that info helps. If you need anything else clarified feel free to ask =)

      by Laura - an hour ago

    • well I just got Direct tv and yes they ran my credit while i was sitting there in the office. so I guess it depends on what company you get to put it in for you wheather you get checked or not

      by inostad - an hour ago

    • Yes they do a hard pull, and your ability to obtain service, and a deposit (if necessary) is dependent upon your score and/or what's in the report.

      by Reality Check - an hour ago

    • yes its true and no their not easy... They'll charge you 700-800 for a deposit. Comcast is the easiest...

      by Miss Diamond - an hour ago

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