Can I get a money refund from a Wal-Mart giftcard?

I recently got a refund for something I bought on and got it on a gift card.. I returned it, so why would I shop at Wal-Mart?? Can I get cash for the amount on the gift card?? Any way at all?? Thanks.. Jole :)
Umm.. Never mind people.. I just called Customer Service on a weekday and they refunded it.. Thanks for the help though!
OK.. Me again.. The details I added last time were for another question!!!!!!!! MY bad!!!!! Thanks again... Jole

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the only way you're going to get cash is if you can find someone to sell it to. the store won't give you cash for a gift card.

6 years ago

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One time I tried to return something at Walmart, and they attempted to not return the tax that I had paid. The cashier told me that they were not obligated to return the tax. I got my return + tax, and then asked her why she was so carefully counting the cash drawer. She had no answer.

by towwwdothello - 6 years ago

Not anymore. The balance is put back on the card - when you buy something and get a receipt and want to return it within 30 days - the customer service desk should refund it in cash if you have the receipt and it shows it was boght with cash (which is what a gift card is).

by webcrafter - 6 years ago

i would just sell the card to somebody. stores dont refund them anymore.

by KELSey - 6 years ago

You know, good question. I would call one of the Walmart stores, or call the toll free number on the back of the card, and ask the customer service.

by DAS - 6 years ago

You did not pay with cash so you do not get a refund with cash.

You get refunded by the same method you paid by.

Therefore, since you paid by gift card - the money gets put back on the gift card.

Had you paid by cash- you would have been refunded cash.

Wal-Mart also has super Wal-mart with grocery stores. Since you are not dead....I take it to mean you eat. If you can't find anything else to use that gift card on in can always buy food. And some Wal-mart stores sell gas! The gas pumps will accept that gift card.

(but since they also sell cds, dvd, electronics, sporting equipment, tools...etc I'm sure you can find something else to buy at Wal-Mart with that gift card).

by MSAD - 6 years ago