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    Check card, debit card, ATM card.....Are these all different names for the same thing?

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    ATM card can only be used at an ATM and requires a PIN. Check card is another name for a debit card. They typically have either a Mastercard or Visa logo and are accepted where ever MC and Visa are accepted. You can make a debit transaction using a PIN or a credit transaction with a signature. All three take money directly from your bank account.
    a few seconds ago

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    • No. An ATM card is strictly for use at an ATM, you can't charge on it. Check card and debit card are basically the same thing. You can use them like a credit card, but the money comes directly from your account. These are extremely useful if you want to buy something and the place doesn't accept checks.

      by terlynn_1370 - 14 hours ago

    • no, not really. an atm card you can just use at an atm to withdraw money. the debit card is like a credit card, only its taken directly from its linked bank account. it is also used to withdraw money from an atm. the check card is another name for debit card. back before debit cards were used and checks were still written, the check card was used as a second form of ID when you didnt have a credit card.

      by pyewakat - 14 hours ago

    • ATM card is used to access only cash from your bank ATM. Check card/Debit card is the same thing-debited the amount charged from your checking/savings account.

      by meg420c - 14 hours ago

    • pretty much they are the same thing if you have a card that draws off of a checking account, you can call it a debit card, an atm card, a credit card, etc etc etc

      by missfb_21 - 14 hours ago

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