Credit Card Age Verification?

On some of those adult sites or any sites in general, is it safe to give your name and credit card number for "age verification"? Even if it is safe, will you be notified of the information you have given away via bill or phone call? Is there any way the owner of the credit card can be "re informed" that their card has been used for age verification?

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I've never encounterd this, but have never been on an adult site. If it is being used for age verification, I would presume they would have to run it thru the credit bureau immediately, for date of birth. If there is any delay, like say come back later I would be wary.

If it is being used for age verification they should have terminal right there and can run name on card thru right then and there.

When asking for age verification on a porn site may be legit, but on any other site, some have you can be as young as 13 to purchase why would they ask that question, unless it was for I.d. theft. Hope you post where else you encountered that, because I never did , maybe I'm wrong and will learn something here, unless using moms, and credit bur. has an approval by me somehow on there.

Approval by me, usually means open no credit accounts unless contacting me first, but can be used, for a card w/a co user, to see what child is using for, or a commercial card for a company issued to a company user, i.e. and additional card.

Again would be wary if it were just to purchase a pair of shoes, or Nikes on line, then sounds like info gathering of some sort.


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Credit card # for age verification- SCAM! Charges will show up on the card. The owner of the card will not appreciate you one bit!! Especially if the adult site shows up as a bill on their card.

by Beverly S - 6 years ago

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