How can you put money into a PayPal account without using a credit / debit card or a check?

I was thinking maybe using Postal Orders or Paying from your phone credit or by cash in the post. I dont know but I just want some money in my PayPal account. Thanks

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There's a few ways to get money into you Paypal account:

These two were already mentioned: One is to register a bank account with Paypal, this can take some time and you'll find all the details of how to do it on Paypal's site and the other is to sell something on eBay, the funds will be deposited directly into your paypal account (if the buyer chooses to pay that way).

Another way would be a prepaid credit card voucher - these are basically disposable credit cards which you pay for in advance. In Ireland there are "3V" vouchers; you walk into a shop, ask for one of whatever value, they'll apply the value to the card and you can then go and use it on Paypal like a regular credit card. The advantage of these is that there is no application process or waiting but there is a small charge for the service (like €5 here)

Here's a site I found about them but you'd be better off to do a little more looking around online for something which will work in your part of the world.

Good Luck.

6 years ago

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Just load it from your bank account - takes some time though (vaguely remember about 10 days??)

by Sal*UK - 6 years ago

Sell something on eBay.

by old know all - 6 years ago

send me your money i will sort it......

by javaos - 6 years ago

Just open a seperate account with your High Street bank and keep a small amount of money in it for PayPal use.

by Jedi Knight 007 - 6 years ago

ask pay pal

by mjcandcah - 6 years ago

Ask some one to make a Paypal payment to your account


by slee d - 6 years ago