Does QVC run a credit check for Easy-Pay?

Does QVC run a credit check when you choose Easy-Pay? Or does it automatically let you do Easy Pay, as long as you don't owe QVC money?
nah, not planning on skipping out....rude.
Simply curious because there's a gift someone wants that I need Easy Pay for, but I have no credit, nor do I want an inquiry on my report for this purchase. I know that HSN doesn't, or at least didn't do credit checks for their FlexPay (as long as you were paying with a major credit card you qualified - I used to work for them and the only check they did was simply to see if someone else had defaulted with them using the same credit card #). Unfortunately, HSN doesn't have the same product. is another place that lets you put certain things on payments as long as you're paying with a major credit card, without a credit check, so it is possible.

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QVC only does credit checks if you want to get a line of credit with them. That isn't what easy pay is you provide them with a credit card you already have and they just bill you to that card for normally three payments.

No qvc does not do credit checks for easy pay!

6 years ago

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Planning on skipping out on the bill?

Just pay cash and then you don't have to worry about it! But yes, QVC does do credit checks. They would be fools not to do so!


by The Professor - 6 years ago