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    Is the Suze Orman myFICO kit worth the $50?
    It gives you credit reports and FICO scores from all three agencies, as well as customized tips for improving one's FICO score.
    9 days ago 3 Answers

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    Just a bit of background... When you order your credit reports/scores all the give you is the basic information. What you really want is the "reason codes" that explain why negative items are on your credit report. If you go to http://www.myfico.com/12 you can get your report that includes the 12 reason codes....very important in helping you figure out your scores. I'm not really impressed with Orman's organization...they are more interested in making a buck and not helping people. I tried watching here show and couldn't stop yawning.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • No, there is a similar kit available at www.creditrepair101site.com for less than $20. You can get those credit reports free online as well. Don't give Suze your hard-earned money. The fact that she is partnered with Fair Isaac which provides Experian reports with the most errors of any of the three is a huge red flag.

      by Nicki W - a day ago

    • how much does it cost if you do it directly from the credit reporting agencies, you don't know who is submitting your information thru Suze Orman.

      by Ask M - a day ago

    • It depends, do you want all the information you could ever want about credit in one place without having to do a lot of work. Or do you want to spend the time to go to a bunch of different websites and find the information yourself. You can get your free credit report and www.annualcreditreport.com but it does not have your FICO score on them. If you want your fico you have to go to www.myfico.com and pay I think 5.95 per score which would be 17.83 for all three. But if with the fico kit you can see your scores for a full year. I love Suze Orman and read a lot of her books but I think I would only buy the fico kit if I had bad credit and needed help improving it. Or if I was going to finance a big purchase where I needed to keep a good eye on my reports to insure I get the best rate.

      by Amanda - a day ago

    • no! How do you think she makes her money? Because people are buying her products. You can get your own Credit score thru FICO but should only need it if you are negotiating an interest rate for a mortgage or car loan. Your credit reports -- FREE once a year. You can read up on Bankrate.com on how to improve your score. All this info is available to you for FREE! Good luck!

      by CupCake - a day ago

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