Can you use prepaid cards to buy things off the internet? Or can you just use debit/credit cards?

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You can use prepaid cards to pay for things at the store you got the prepaid card from.

I.E. if you have a Target Prepaid card you can use it at

If you have a prepaid visa card, you can use that anywhere Visa is accepted.

I hope that helps.

7 years ago

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If you are referring to a prepaid card with the Visa or Mastercard logo, yes, you can use them on the internet to make purchases. They are nothing more than secured credit cards. You can use them in the same manner that you would use an unsecured credit card. You can purchase airplane tickets online with them, you can also secure hotel reservations with them. They are the same as credit cards.

by grace95838 - 7 years ago

If the prepaid card is a Visa or a MasterCard, you can use it anywhere Visa and MasterCard are accepted - including online.

by tw158 - 7 years ago

As long as you have a VISA logo on the card (or any other name like Mastercard), you can use it just like a credit card.

by Cathy - 7 years ago

You can use all of the above. With the prepaid master card you can shop both online and offline. This master card has so many benefits. If you are interested in an application and more information click below.


by sabri - 7 years ago