I just put money on my H & R Block emerald card but I can't access the money!It says the card is invalid .

I used green dot to add the funds and my card won't expire untill 11/08

7 years ago - 4 answers

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FIrst of all, let me tell you how to contact them:

Contact us by e-mail, phone, U.S. mail or in person--whichever is most convenient.
E-mail: Submit your question to the Bank electronically
Phone: You can contact the Bank toll free, 24 hours a day at 1-888-OUR-HRBB (1-888-687-4722).
US Mail: Mail should be sent to:
H&R Block Bank
PO Box 10364
Kansas City, MO 64171-0364
In Person: Our Main Branch is located at:
One H & R Block Way/13th & Main
Kansas City, Missouri 64105

Second, you may need to check the balance on your emerald card.

Third, we are being inform by our district manager that some Washington Mutual ATM and some other ATM do not accept this card. Please ask Kansas City why!

7 years ago

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Contact the company that issued your card and explain it to them and see if they can help the card should not have accepted money if it is invalid.
I'm sure the card has an 800 number on the back for customer service.

by dadcat00759 - 7 years ago

Don't ask us. We can't access your system. Call the card's tech support number (on the back) and ask them why the card is invalid.

by Mel - 7 years ago

if card was swiped in the store to add funds the funds will not load-gotta activate over the phone or online for greendot on emerald card.

by exnav138 - 7 years ago