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    In WI, can you be held responsible for your spouse's credit card debts, if incurred before marriage?
    For example, say a woman in Wisconsin incurs some credit card debt when she is young and unmarried and does not pay the bill, and then later on gets married. Can her husband be held responsible for the bill if she is unemployed when the credit card company tries to sue her for the balance due? Can his wages be garnished? What can the credit card company do to collect their money if the woman is unemployed and has no other source of income besides her husband's?
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    You should definitely consult an attorney on this issue, since Wisconsin's marital property law is quite complicated. However, it looks as if the husband may not be responsible for this debt. Take a look at this excerpt from the Wisconsin law: 1. An obligation incurred by a spouse before or during marriage that is attributable to an obligation arising before marriage or to an act or omission occurring before marriage may be satisfied only from property of that spouse that is not marital property and from that part of marital property which would have been the property of that spouse but for the marriage.
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    • I would suggest seeking out a financial consultant to help you out with this. You need to face this problem head on, not try to avoid it. The debt will always be there. Try calling the company to work our some kind of payment plan that can work out for your family. Since the two of you are married, your husband may not have to pay your debt, but your bad credit from putting off these bills definitly will affect him negativly. His credit score as well as yours will begin to go down, and will affect obtaining loans, credit cards, and even buying houses or cars in the future.

      by dolly - 8 hours ago

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