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    Gas stations charge a $1.00 for using debit card, WHY??

    I just relized that when you use your debit card at the gas station they charge you a $1.00 plus whatever you paid. But it is never shown on your banking statement. ONLY when you look at you statement online then it shows but even then i think that it is added back on? im not really sure does anyone know why?
    a few seconds ago 9 Answers

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    If it is added back in, then it probably is only a holding charge and not actually a fee. If it isn't added back in then it is a fee. kad1252 was correct by saying "if your debt card is also a credit card use it as a cc" It is against credit card policy for a company to charge a fee for using a credit card. Charging a fee for using a credit card is also against the law in some states. There is no protection against fees when using a debit card.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • To correct some posters. A few banks do not allow big hold like $50 or $100 when you use it for pay at the pump but will allow $1.00 hold. So the gas station is taking a risk when the bank refuses to put a bigger hold. The $1.00 hold will removed in 7 to 14 days. However, your actual gas charge will appear in about 3 days on your statement. What your seeing online is a memo transaction or basically a hold. When it actual hard post--it will show. However, if it does not hard post it will be removed in about 7 to 14 days. There are some merchants who do charge you a fee for using a debit or a credit card. In the U.S. Merchants can charge you for using your debit card as a pin transaction. Merchant are not supposed to charge you a fee for using your credit card or your debit card as a signature transaction. This is against MasterCard and Visa policy but some still do.

      by gdavison - 6 hours ago

    • It isn't a charge, it is a one dollar hold and will disapear once the transaction is completed. Call your banks CSR toll free line and they can explain it to you if you like.

      by zaphodsclone - 6 hours ago

    • well i've never heard of that, but i know 7/11 do that to get people money. what state are you talking about? the most i pay for using my debit card is .45 cents

      by josephcodner - 6 hours ago

    • if your debt card is also a credit card use it as a cc there will be no charge. many many places will charge u the $1 if u use the debit card. keith

      by kad1252 - 6 hours ago

    • If the station is getting charged a processing fee by their bank, they may pass that on to you. That way, they don't lose money on your transaction as compared to a cash customer.

      by calliope320 - 6 hours ago

    • Well I'm not 100% sure but I do believe that gas stations and other places that accept credit cards have to pay a fee themselves to offer that service. Yes it's more convenient to pay that way but I like to use cash only! And only go to my banks ATM to get cash, to avoid other service fees. Really how hard can it be to slow down in life a little and take the time to walk up to the attendant, greet them! "Hello".... "Hi" (smile, smile) and feel better about yourself for moving your body a little and maybe even striking a conversation with fellow human being!! Take Care and Have a Great Day!!!

      by Wes - 6 hours ago

    • better stop lookin; at your statement it confuses you...

      by Movinonup - 6 hours ago

    • When you use a debit or credit card there is a charge to the retailer by the credit card/debit card company. What they are doing is simply passing that charge on to you. I used to be a officer in the local Elks Lodge and we went through this when we started taking credit/debit cards for payment in our dining room and lounge. We did the exact same thing, we passed it on to our members.

      by SPIFIMAN1 - 6 hours ago

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