what does the trademark, cirrus, plus, star, on the backside of the credit/debit card mean?

i am wondering what these trdade marks are. do those logos simply symbolize the name of the companies which have invested a large amount of money to banks or credit card company, or have been supporting the money transactions between credit/debit card and ATM machines?

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It means that your bank has a relationship with those ATM vendors and that you can use your card at any ATM that also has those logos on it. I would check with your bank about fees though.

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Banks or loan inst...!

by charro c - 7 years ago

If your card has these same names on the back of your card you can access these banks but will be charged a small fee for using them if they are not your local bank. I am sure they get part of the fees that are charged for using these banks.

by devilgal031948 - 7 years ago

The trademarks on the back of your credit/debit card are the different type of ATM(automated teller machines) and POS (point of sale) networks that the bank that issues the card uses nation and worldwide. For example, if your bank issues you a debit/credit Mastercard, chances are, it will use the Maestro or Cirrus Network. And let's say that you have a credit/debit Visa, chances are it will use the Interlink, Plus, and Star networks

by Smoovy Loco - 7 years ago

If you walk up to an ATM and see any of those symbols that they accept you will be able to use your card at that ATM to get cash.

by Gertie - 7 years ago

It is the network that the ATM you are about to use belongs to. Your bank can tell you if there is a fee for that particular network and how much it is. Some are really expensive, in my opinion. If you have a debit/credit card from your bank, try using it as a debit card and asking for cash back when you go to a store. Then there's no fee for the cash.

by worried - 7 years ago

Cirrus, Plus and Star are the various "systems" that work with banks and merchants to allow debit cards to be used there.

They are not investors, they are portals.


by SexyTrojan - 7 years ago