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    How do I get a Credit Card? I never had one.?

    I am 22 and earning only $1,000 per month. Can I get a Credit Card? How? What factors does the bank consider while issuing you a credit card? Thanks.
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    Yes you can . It will be easier for you ti get a secured card with a major bank. To obtain you will have to let the bank hold the amount that you want them to extend you in credit ..if you want $500.00 limit you will give the bank $500.00 . After a year you can get your money back plus interest if you don't default. Check with your local major banks and see if they offer secured credit cards. Make sure that the bank reports to the credit bureau and see how often. Keys on building your credit and getting the limit increased on the card: Charge it to the limit once and pay it right back .. before you get the bill Use it for something that you already have the cash to pay for like groceries or gas. AGAIN make sure you pay it right back! This will show on your credit ..as the highest amount you ever charged to the card If you pay it right back it will reflect that Joe Consumer charged 500.00 and now has no balance. This shows That Joe Consumer is not a slow payer After one time of charging it to the max .. never use more than 50% of the cards limit. If you are not in the mood for putting your money up front go Orchard bank. Household Bank of Nevada, First Premiere... those banks practically give cards away.. you can apply on line.
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    Other Answers

    • Hi, it's not always easy to find the right companies. I've done a little research and found two which are serious & trusted and without credit checks. You might check them out and then choose the one which suits you best: http://www.usefulresources.info/credit-card-advance-cb.html http://www.usefulresources.info/credit-card-liberty-cb.html Hope that helps. Wish you all the best! Mike

      by Mike - 9 hours ago

    • Once you have found the card that is best for you, you can fill out an online credit card application and in some cases even get a credit decision within 60 seconds. At http://www.card-city.com/ goal is to provide a resource where consumers can search, compare and apply for the best credit card offers online.

      by farrell h - 9 hours ago

    • Honestly, you can get a credit card. I have never known anyone who hasn't declared bankruptcy to not be able to get a credit card. People with poor credit will get credit cards with higher interest rates. People with lower income can only get low spending limits. College students can have credit cards, and they normally don't make any money. If you have bad credit, chances are you can repair it yourself. Some firms charge you a monthly fee of $50-$90 for a year to fix your credit, whereas with a little discipline, you can do it yourself. These two sites might help you do your own credit repair: http://attorney-credit-repair-guide-review.blogspot.com/ http://credit-secrets-bible-review.blogspot.com/

      by Infohigh - 9 hours ago

    • you can go to http://www.creditcardmate.com they'll give you advice base on your credit score or income, you can compare up to 100 cards

      by Beyond my control - 9 hours ago

    • You only need a debit card. Credit cards get you in trouble if you aren't careful. I found out the hard way when I was much younger.

      by gigischildcare - 9 hours ago

    • Just apply for one. The easiest will be whatever bank you keep your checking account with. Hopefully you have one. If not, go get one. They are likely to give you one with at least a small line ($500ish). Another option - I got my first card from Capital One - capitalone.com - they have programs for everyone. Even for high school students. I got mine before I even had a job. Another option - get a cosigner - maybe a parent. Then apply that way - shows them that if you get in over your head that they can go after someone else. The bank considers so many things... your credit score, credit history (including any loans, not just cards), your income, your length of employment, you long you've lived in your home, whether you rent or own... if you look at a credit card application...they're considering everything that they asked you.

      by flamingopink - 9 hours ago

    • The link below has cards for everyone. Even the pre-paid cards get reported so your credit builds. As a benefit, for everyone you refer that gets approved, you get $10

      by John N - 9 hours ago

    • You can get a credit card easy just go to http://www.ipod-vibez.com/credit.html they have a list of credit cards just chose the one for No credit means for people with no credit card before and you get approved online quickly I told 3 of my friends so far and 3 of them got approved and had the credit card the same week

      by ijamz M - 9 hours ago

    • Your best bet would be to pay cash for everything. If you aren't a responsible type of person a credit card would get you in a lot of trouble.

      by Hobit - 9 hours ago

    • You can get a credit card, however, whatever company you choose, they will perform a background check on your employment. You can't get a credit card unless you have been employed at one company for at least 6 months. If you started a new job, they will ask you for your previous place of employment.

      by kit - 9 hours ago

    • Your best bet would be to try your local bank. I don't think you meet the minimum income requirement for most credit card companies.

      by SPIFIMAN1 - 9 hours ago

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