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    Is an Inventory Control Specialist job at Walmart hard?
    Just hired onto Walmart as an Inventory Controls Specialist...Is it a hard job? I have never heard about it before~ I was being interviewed as a Cashier and they offered me this job and I took it based on better hours. So does anyone know what it consists of. I did get a job description and I am a pretty fast learner, but I would like to know if anyone?
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    The ICS team's job is basically to maintain tabs on all inventory. They put the overstock items back in the bins at night. They set up the picks (items the inventory computer says should be low/out) and send them to the floor. I'm not too sure what else ICS might do during day shift as I'm overnight. My store just got done with yearly inventory and the ICS people had to work extremely hard to be ready. In all, it doesn't look it should be *too* hard assuming you'll be working at a reasonably organized store.
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