Rite Aid employee website (payroll etc)?

I started at Rite Aid on January 8th and was told I would be getting a check yesterday, Thursday the 27th. I have direct deposit and I need to see if there was something mistyped or whatnot. I am not talking about the website.


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It takes about six weeks for you to start getting your direct deposit. Until then you will get paper checks. I heard due to weather delays it will be Monday(1/31/2011) until the paper checks/pay stubs arrive to the stores. You'll have to check with your store manager to see if the have arrived yet. It's my Rite Aid & I love it!

3 years ago

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i need my last 2paystub from riteaid, I had direct deposit and I dont work for them no more ,how can I get them. can they mail it to my house.

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