is it illegal to make a profit off selling postage stamps?

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If there is a buyer there will be a seller. It should not be illegal. It might depend on the circumstances and where you live.

3 years ago

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I know you can sell them as collectors items legally. I don't see why it would be illegal to sell current ones at a profit. You'd have to find some stupid people to buy a 32 cent stamp for 50 cents though.

by JP - 3 years ago

if you are talking about current poastage stamps - and not collectible stamps, why would anyone buy from yuo if they can go to the post office?

and unless the collectible stamps are pre-1900 or pre-1920, high face value AND mint, they might very little if any value - stamp collecting is a dying hobby - average collector is probably 60 yrs old anymore and few kids who start collecting stick with it after reaching teen years

by Zarg222 - 3 years ago

No - it is not illegal! Better say, it is same like every things that are offered for sale. Postage stamps are mean of payment, but also goods that can be resold - someone will sell it just for profit (Dealers), someone will sell it for face value - but will received it with less than face value fro Post - automatically - when resold - it will have profit.

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by Chastven M - 3 years ago