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    Sterling Jewelers or Kay Jewlers home office or human resources phone number?

    So, I am looking for Kay Jewelers or Sterling Jewelers home office phone number. I have a issue which needs to be brought to the attention of Human resources. I'll actually ask you guys. two weeks ago i recieved repairs in which a ring was missing. when loss prevention came to question me, i was told he was questioning every employee, however he only questioned me, I was not the only employee in the store at the time, and not the only employee near the box. we have also had previous encounters where repairs where left at the repair shop and not shipped at all. however the lost prevention guy asked me if there was any tension in the store and i responded with yes, because there is, between 2 long time employees. the store manager had a hissy fit, and i was sent home early. returned to work the next shift, and i was sent home 1.5 hours in because he just didn't have the payroll to pay me. then he has another employee call me 15 mins before a **** to inform me not to come in for the rest of the week which makes me loose 22 hours of pay. so for a total of 38 now hours. this employee tells me that he will be calling me later that day to discuss next weeks schedule. it is now tuesday and i have tried to call the store multiple times in which i am told he will call me back and he has not. so is this a human resources issue? i feel as if I am being singled out.
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    Sterling Jewelers Home Office Number: 330-668-5000
    a few seconds ago

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