Is First Choice Capital Resources a scam?

I've been looking into a longer term loan specifically to hold me over until I get my tax refund back in order to catch me up. Unfortunately, out of the thousands of dollars in credit card debt that I have, it was a silly little CFNA Firestone card that dropped my credit score by roughly 200 points and made me untouchable especially for unsecured loans. Anyway, I was trying to look into good bad credit lenders, and pretty much every info site just redirects you to things that look shady, which apparently have no info anywhere else.

Moving along, I found through a site that actually had some good info, and I figured it might be good. But of course, you have to enter your checking account number/routing number to advance to their actual website. I have found NOTHING on this company at all, no scam reports or anything, and no good reviews or testimonials either. I'd really like to try it out, hopefully to keep from further damaging my credit and get back on my feet until more funds come in... Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Welcome to shady world of payday loans. My best advice, do not deal with them unless it is a life and death situation.

3 years ago

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