Email to HR asking info about the start date?

I was hired for a new job last month. My start date was initially determined as as Oct 18th but was then pushed to November 8. I want to send a reminder/note email checking with HR the reporting time, whom to report to and above all if 8th is the actual date. Any inputs would be appreciated.

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Short and simple should work. How about something like this, emailed to the head of the HR department:

[day] Nov 2010

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a recent hire. I wish to confirm that my starting date as [insert position or job title here] is 08 November 2010. Please also confirm the time at which I am to report to work and the person to whom I should report when I arrive.


[your full name]
[your telephone number]
[your email address]

3 years ago