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    What is walmarts rehiring policy?

    I got fired 6 months ago for failing drug test. I hurt my hip (which they were aware of) it was really bothering me that morning so I took one of my wife pain pills as they were not as strong as mine. I knew I had a busy day and needed a clear head. I was a forklift driver I loaded trucks. They just so happened to do drug test that morning and I was picked. Needless to say I flunked it. Immediately after test I went straight to my supervisor and told him what had happened. I had been there 13 years perfect attendance. He had no problem with it and understood. However it was not up to him decision came from main office. Main office said since I didn't have a prescription for it I was fired. I had a prescription for pain medicine but not this one. I truly want to work for walmart . I have heard after 6 months you can go re-apply but can't verify this. Others have told me once fired never rehired. Anybody know???
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    Wallyworld has a no rehire policy, ever. The main office screens applicants. I've heard of 24 months passing and applying at a different city, still no-go. And then, there's that forklift driver that had a California prescript for pot, but not in the state he got fired in.
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    • Not true :) I have worked for 3 different walmarts in 2 years time. The first one I rolled my car on the way home had to leave with no notice (I couldnt get another car right away) four months later I reapplied at a different walmart was hired that same week. Left after 6 months for another job (gave my notice but left two days early) and was rehired a year later when I decided other job was not for me.. I do live in a small town. but walmart is walmart!

      by Amazed - 12 hours ago

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