Does the Crofton Ice Cream maker from Aldi work for anybody else?

I just bought the Crofton Ice Cream maker yesterday and I froze it for 9 hours and churned my ingredients for 40 minutes. I was looking forward to the nicest most creamiest yummiest homemade ice cream ever, only to find a container of the same liquid (plus some froth) sitting in the bowl. What did I do wrong?

4 years ago - 1 answers

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Item model# BL1450B?
First of all... Did you freeze the inner bowl for 8-9 hours?
If so did you use use the bowl immediately after taking it out of the freezer?
If so your problem may be that you left the maker on for too long. 30 minutes should suffice to make ice-cream, sorbet etc. Once the bowl starts to uncool so will the ice-cream inside.

4 years ago