Wal Mart receipt codes...?

They're 12 digit codes to the right of product description...
e.g. PARKAY BOWL 002700031150. (It's a tub of margarine, I know)

Ok, before you jump the gun and proclaim "DUH! UPC CODE!!!", I can't find a sigle item on my receipt that that # shows up as a valid upc.

If it's not a upc code, tell me what it is, and if you say it is a upc code...I want proof (i.e. url or hyperlink to where I can look it up for myself)!!

Here's another product from my receipt that's not so obvious-
MER OL FASH 001220000005, and 18PK X-LARGE 081390500120
Yea, they are 12 digits, and a upc code is printed on the packaging AT THE FACTORY, not the particular retail outlet you purchase them at. So, again, please specificly answer the question or don't waiste your & my time, thanks
As to the remark, "There is no Internet link where you can look up UPC bar codes...", well, WRONG, yes there is., etc, etc.
I've tried them all.
OK, I figured this one out. Wal-Mart uses an EAN-13 system, European Article Number ( renamed International Article Number[13 digits instead of 12]), and omits the last digit of the EAN-13 # on their customer receipts for some reason.

Do I get points for answering my own question?? I wish!!
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Well, those numbers are each 12 digits long.

UPC bar codes always encode exactly 12 digits. The first 6 to 9 digits are the company prefix which is assigned by the "Uniform Code Council". The next 3 to 5 are the product number, and the last is always a check digit generated by a calculation of the first 11 digits.

So whether you "think" it or not, those look exactly like UPC bar codes. It is possible that they might be the store's own item numbers for those products, but I'm almost sure Wal-mart encodes their receipts with the bar codes. Look at the tub of Parkay and see if the bar code doesn't match that one on the receipt.

There is no Internet link where you can look up UPC bar codes because the descriptions and prices that "mate to" those codes are only in the store's system.

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