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    Is anyone familiar with Harvard Risk Management Corporation? Is this a real company or a scam?

    3 months ago 2 Answers

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    Yes, my best friend works for Harvard Risk Management in Dallas, TX. It's actually a really good company, he has been with them for over five years and he loves it. They are not really well known, but they have definitely been around for a long time. They specialize in Identity Theft protection programs and things like that. My friend works in their sales department, he makes a lot of money and is doing really well.
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    • Google the name of the company followed by the words scam, complaint, rip-off, or fraud Remember all companies will have complaints, but repeated complaints about scams should send you a warning. Also, if you don't see anything, it could be a brand new company - be careful. It could be that it was a scam, and they switched its name. /

      by ? - 2 hours ago

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