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    How long does it take Wal Mart to finish a background check and call back?

    I know this has been asked before, but now it's me asking! How long does it take? I was interviewed on the 12th and now its the 23rd. I went through two interviews, signed all the papers and went over my wage, so im pretty much hired right? I took the drug test and now im just waiting for the background check to finish. I called last friday and the lady said they were still waiting on it. Im gonna call again on monday to check on it again. So its been 10 Business days. Does it usually take this long? I'm certain i won't fail the check. Anybody know? I just moved to southern CA and im anxious to start working already!
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    Don't worry too much. Sometimes it takes up to one month. It's simply not a perfect system. However, don't just sit by the telephone waiting for "the call." Dress neatly, and visit the store of your choice in person and inquire about the status of your application. Let the manager or human resource personnel you're very interested in the position and that you will follow up in another week. If you impress them with your appearance and demeanor, this may get them to get the ball rolling quicker!
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    • usually 10 biz days is enough, unless there is something 'iffy' in your background. It might just be slow since you recently changed addresses. I would call again, probably every other day... just don't be obnoxious about it.

      by because I said so - 15 hours ago

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